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Conflict: Desert Storm

Conflict: Desert Storm

Disc with Original Case, Refurbished, 1 in stock
Disc W/ Original Case No Manual, Refurbished, 1 in stock
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    Box Text: ALL AMERICANS PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE.A SELECT FEW SHOW IT.Clear the sand from your weapon and keep out of sight. You are officially in the middle of the most heart-stopping, realistic, tactical action experience ever created. Battle your way through the Gulf War as the elite U.S. Delta Force or British SAS. From the in-depth artificial intelligence of your enemies to the amazingly realistic environments, this one
    Developer: Pivotal Games
    Genre: Action
    Peripherals: Standard Controller, Memory Unit, Xbox 360 Compatible
    Platform: Xbox
    Players: 4
    Region: United States of America (US)
    Release Date: 2002.09.30