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Return to Ravnica Booster Pack

Return to Ravnica Booster Pack

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    Magic: The Gathering - Return to Ravnica Booster Pack

    Choose your Guild!

    Ravnica is the most popular Magic world setting in its history. Players have been clamoring for a return since Ravnica, City of Guilds in 2005! Set 1 of 3 in the Return to Ravnica block, Return to Ravnica marks the exciting first set in the new block.

    Standard format now rotates only once each year with this release. Magic 2012 and Scars of Mirrodin block will leave Standard with the release of Return to Ravnica. This set allows players to affiliate with one of ten, two-color guilds (the first five guilds releases with this set, the second five with Set 2). Rest assured there will be many ways for you to express your support for your favorite guild!

    We have your Return to Ravnica set offered here in Booster Packs.

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